RANA : Refugees Are Not Alone

RANA is a non-profit organisation whose objective is to help refugees and asylum seekers integrate into social and professional life in Belgium. This is achieved through individual support aimed at making them as independent as possible via:

- Actions facilitating their access to education, employment, housing and learning the languages spoken in Belgium

- Support and “buddying” for families and individuals who have to find their feet in their new country

- Activities enabling refugees to meet others in their situation as well as people already living in Belgium (through art, culture, sports...).



Lagrange Points

Promoting Arabic culture through Books, Music and Art.

We are students, university professors, musicians, writers, freelancers and cultural activists from The Middle East and Europe, working all together to establish Brussels
first Arabic Bookstore cafe.

Brussels is a unique city. It is a city where people of 182 different nationalities live, and where almost 20% of the population speaks Arabic. Living and working in such a city is an exciting adventure with wonderful encounters and enriching experiences.
But it is also a challenge to live together in so much diversity. Especially in these turbulent times. Migration and integration are hot topics in the public debate.
Despite much goodwill, the problem is increasing and becoming more complex. In this era there is, more than ever, a need for dialogue and connection.

With Lagrange Points we want to work on dialogue and connecting people. We are a group of friends who, somewhere in Brussels, in the midst of all those cultures, of all those gravitational fields, spheres of influence and orbits, want to create a place where Arab and Western cultures can meet.
A place where cultural exchange and interaction can thrive in diversity, equality and openness.





Duo for a Job

DUO for a JOB matches young job seekers with an immigrant background with people over 50 years old who have a professional experience in related fields and who can accompany and support them in their job search.

The young person (mentee) and his/her mentor meet for a minimum of two hours a week over a period of six months (of course, flexible arrangements can be made to accommodate their respective agendas).

DUO for a JOB provides services to young job seekers and future mentors in Brussels, Liège, Gent and Antwerp.




RWAN’s mission is to help the refugee and immigrant women to have education access and get a professional opportunity in order to become productive individuals in Belgian society.

We assist them to get prepared for the new challenges by building on their past experiences and providing guidance about the new tools needed for a brighter future.





The Foundation for Women and Welfare

The Foundation for Women and Welfare is engaged in matters of social importance such as first and second line health care, voluntary work, education, and reintegration, Mediation & Life coaching.

Through training, courses and theme days we share our knowledge about social issues that affect ethnic groups. We also fulfill an advisory role for professionals to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

The Foundation for Women and Welfare has an interesting training offer for policy staff, professionals and volunteers who work in the field of care & welfare. We offer training throughout the year.

Social awareness

In addition to knowledge transfer, we also organize activities and projects for groups of different ages and backgrounds.

We guide the implementation of projects and activities using volunteers.

The projects and activities relate to meetings, Dutch language classes, recreation, sport, art, culture and / or citizenship.

Our projects and activities have the following objectives:

• Promoting the emancipation and participation of vulnerable groups in Dutch society;

• Women and children must be fully part of society in all forms.

• Increase the self-reliance and labor market position of vulnerable groups.

Throughout all of our interventions whether with private clients or professionals in the field we emphasize the need for improving language skills and help building bridges. All to the final purpose of having the private person integrate as as fast as possible and find their way and place in Dutch Society.





Folkuniversitetet is an adult educational association that offers a wide range of adult education all over Sweden. It is an association of five foundations: the university extensions attached to the Universities of Stockholm, Uppsala, Göteborg, Lund and Umeå. We have a broad open educational program in a variety of subjects; we also run upper secondary schools, schools in higher vocational education, courses for seniors and training, labour market education and further education and training for working life.

Folkuniversitetet is independent of all political, religious and commercial interests.

International cooperation, pedagogic development, democracy and focus on the individual are central values for us. We have given important contributions to development of Swedish education and training, for example evening classes, language centres, Swedish for immigrants, college and ICT-based education. Visions and ideas for better learning methods are developed and tested in project groups, often in international cooperation. Coaching, mentorship, validation, entrepreneurship, learning in working life, empowerment and active guidance based on individual needs are examples of areas we are developing and implementing in our own organisation.



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BURGED is an organisation which nurtures and coaches individuals and organisations who have no previous experience in social entrepreneurism,social innovation,opportunaties in education and European projects.Burged coaches in disadvantaged communities, marginalized communities and support those who seek to make a difference with their work and quality of education.Burged is focused on reducing dependency on the state, on enabling disadvantaged individuals, disadvantaged communities to develop and successfully deliver their own solutions to unemployment, poverty, marginalization,social exclusion and deprivation.

Burged is working with Local public bodies,Municipalities about many educational issues,social duties and responsibilities to reach all related stakeholders and make them aware.

Our aim,

-networking platforms for community organisations, to increase young people’s understanding of global issues, and their access to international projects

-cooperation with Universities to make education strong and innovative.

-Providing in-service trainings such as PCM,IT,English Speaking Sessions.





C.E.P.E.R, Cehel, Spain

CEPER Cehel is a permanent training center in the Andalusian region. They have won recognition in the provincial-regional level ("Antonio Domínguez") and national (Contraviesa and Sierra Nevada) Migration Award and received an acknowledgment by Miguel Hernández and the University of Granada at the 4th Migration Conference.

60% of students are immigrants who need to learn a second language. Currently, C.E.P.E.R. organizes adult courses aimed at obtaining the basic qualifications; Teaching then develops at a secondary level and with training plans to promote active citizenship.

The activities also focuses on curriculum, methodological strategies and C.E.PER. Cehel has developed and co-ordinated primary adult education activities that use new technologies, or innovative learning activities in adult learning literacy.

Spanish language programs are available for adults with difficulty in integration and low level educational background. C.E.P.E.R. realizes adult education programs for the transfer of democratic, social and cultural principles, and, within the framework of the Grundtvig projects, lifelong learning programs, education (innovative training) and working life (with other institutions). C.E.P.E.R Cehel collaborated on the "Rural Project" (European Commission) and the 2007 Social Responsibility Report.


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Sorrento Lingue-Sant’Anna

Founded in 1998, Sorrento Lingue-Sant’Anna Institute:

-offers tailored study abroad programs in partnership with American universities, providing:

Internship for credit in various fields;

Faculty Led programs with optional internship and service-learning components;

Semester and summer study abroad programs in a number of departments, such as Italian studies, Business, Art & Humanities, Archaeology, Hospitality and Tourism, Natural and Social Sciences etc

-organizes Italian language and culture courses to foreign students from many countries in the world (including programs for High Schools and 50+ students)

-organizes 10 month - Italian language programs for Chinese students (“Turandot” university program in partnership with the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples)

-offers foreign language classes for local students (English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese) including courses of business English for local companies



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Learnmera Oy is a private language education and translation provider in the greater Helsinki area , which provides business language lessons, translations and proofreading services. Courses are offered in the major Nordic and European languages, as well as beginners’ courses in English, Finnish, Swedish, French, German and Russian. Learnmera Oy has considerable experience in educational resource creation, website creation and app content building as well as online vocational courses. Their free published language learning and cultural material online has had hundreds of thousands of downloads to this day. Learnmera Oy have been active within different European projects since 2008.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, Learnmera also provides IT services specially directed towards corporate clients and institutions that want to improve their customer interfaces and social media presence.

A list of projects Learnmera has previously worked on can be found here.