Welcome Home International


Integration goes both ways

Creating the two-way exchange that is necessary for integration to be natural and successful. Welcome Home International seeks to find innovative, progressive methods to support newcomers in our societies that need a humane and warm environment to prosper.  Integration involves many aspects and touches many people.  We are planning and implementing hands-on projects to create inviting environments where newcomers and local community members can acquire the tools and information they need to help integration happen naturally.


Currently, Welcome Home International has one main project implemented weekly, i.e. Cafè Lingua. We plan to replicate Cafè Lingua on a larger scale in Brussels, by also collaborating with other partner organizations and venues. We are also working on the design and implementation of other two projects, which are now in their pilot phases: Women Circle and Kid’s corner.  These projects will be designed so that they can be replicated and disseminate throughout the world by other community groups and organisations sharing the common goal. 

Our projects require community participation.  Volunteer now to be a part of the planning and organising.  You can also participate in each project to learn more before volunteering.


Get Involved

One of the main aims of Welcome Home International is to bring people together.  This means we need local community members to be involved in many aspects of our organisation to make it a true community based effort.  You can join our common goal of making the world a friendlier place in one of the ways below.



Integration is a group effort of global proportions. Cooperation is critical to successful efforts. Welcome Home international is connecting people, cultures and resources on national and international levels.


Volunteer opportunities

Join our team of dedicated volunteers and support the coordination, organisation and implementation of  our projects.  Your time and involvement is valuable and much needed.


Make a Donation

Every cent goes toward the costs related to making our projects happen; from printing costs to paying the refugees we employ. Consider supporting us by making a donation.